About The Biker Chef

Rick Herzog - a.k.a. "Biker Chef"

The Biker Chef of Minnesota, a.k.a. Rick Herzog began his culinary journey in the world-renowned French kitchen at the Sofitel Hotel in Bloomington, Minnesota.

There he learned the art of creating exquisite French cuisine and fine pastries and bread. He has continued to offer his signature dishes and expertise throughout the Brainerd Lakes Area for the past 25 years. He’s well known for his delicious scones and artisan breads.

Rick Herzog | 218-839-7358

Biker Chef’s scones were the People’s Choice Award winner
for the Chocolate Lover’s Extravaganza
in the Brainerd lakes in 2014.

Fun Fact: Rick is also known by some as “Chef Hertzy

40 Years Experience


Phone: 218-839-7358
Email: Rick@BikerChefMN.com